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The Wild Style parties offer a unique way to entertain your child and all their friends on that special day. They are suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years, with an exciting array of themes to choose from that focus on nature, fantasy-adventure and the great outdoors.

Activity Themes

Forest Fairies & Little Earthy Elves

A wonderfully creative activity which begins with a hunt for the hidden name tags revealing  secret fairy & elf identities. The fairies then go on to decorate their own set of glittery wings and head garlands using both natural materials and a whole range of exciting craft resources. Little elves will make & decorate an elfy hat, and  magical wands will be on offer for all! If time allows there are themed party games - and even the adults can join in!

Wild Woodland Wizards

Lots of little magical wizards are required for this activity, follow a secretive trail to hunt for the hidden messages left by Merlin the Wizard, and discover his hide-away tepee tower. After gathering natural materials the children make & decorate pointy wizard hats to wear about the woods, and cast happy spells with help from their very own wand. Party games complete the activity . . .did anyone catch a glimpse of the mysterious Merlin?


Pirates & Princesses

Ahoy there me old hearties! A very adventurous activity involving treasure chests, hidden skulls, swords & wands! After all this excitement the princesses can decorate a pretty tiara and the pirates a skull & crossbones style hat. Walk the plank and the pirate limbo are included in the party games, who will get across without getting wet?!


Wild Survivor

Fancy an outdoor lunch? - wild style! The children can cook on a camping gas stove making survival  style bannocks, adding all sorts of chocolate goodies such as Smarties & Buttons! Shelter building forms an exciting part of this survival activity, whose den will withstand the wobble and water test? Lots of themed games are included, with the wild animal stealth game always proving popular, your child is sure to sleep well following this energetic party.


Dinosaurs & Dragons

The search is on for the hidden location of the secret key in order to release Dotty the Dragon and Boris the Dinosaur who are trapped in their cages! After all this excitement the Children decorate their very own Dinosaur egg to take home. The party finishes with some themed games. A lovely activity for younger Children.


The Parties can entertain up to 20 children for 2 hours; choose from an exciting outdoor location, your garden, local park or village hall. Included in the cost of a party are all materials, exciting goody bags, use of the tepee tent and a surprise gift for the birthday child.

Just 99 per party


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